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© 2018 by Devin Watlington. 

Contact Devin by emailing devinwatlington@gmail.com

Muralist and Portrait artist

A portfolio of all of my custom portraits of animals, people and amazing murals

Now taking commission orders. Contact me today for your own one of a kind piece of artwork!

about Devin Watlington

I am a full time mural artist and portrait painter living in Austin, Texas. I finally pushed past all of my fears and I quit my job to start my career as a full time artist. There is no better time than the present to take control of your future, am I right? 


I love to drink wine, binge watch tv shows and snuggle with my dog, Moses. He is my biggest helper while I make art. By help, I mean he sleeps beside me on the floor.


My main focus during the day is painting murals. When I'm not on a mural job you'll find me in my studio working on custom artwork for clients. I specialize in custom portraits of people and animals. Portraits were not my original focus, but I became so intrigued with how unique every face looked as I was painting and I fell in love with them. Now my studio walls are adorn with so many faces, it's almost as if I have an audience watching me paint. 

If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, a replica print or a commissioned piece, contact me! I would love to make you your very own piece to hang on your walls.

Latest Artwork

3- 24"x36" acrylic portraits of dogs to be hung together in a series at Mayte's Rescue in Las Vegas. How fun are these pups and their faces popping up from the bottom of the canvas?! These are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face everyday.

24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas of Willie Nelson. This portrait shows Willie and his infamous guitar, Trigger. Both showing their age and the many memories they have made together.

8"x11" gouache on watercolor paper portrait of instagram influencer Maren Platou.

19"x30" birch plywood with Acrylic. I am starting to paint what goes on in my head when I listen to certain songs. This painting was inspired by listening to Heaven by Alex Adair.